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Coolum Ridges - AVEO

Coolum Ridges is in its final stages of completion, with several stages approaching On-Maintenance in the coming days.


Jamie Shakespeare and Adam Guthrie are supervising the work on stages 47 and 3500, which are both nearly complete.  Stage 47 has successfully achieved On-Maintenance and Stage 3500 is also progressing well, with the majority of the landscaping now in place and the Bio-Basins completed.


Terry James, Tim Tull and Darren Colenso are leading the works on Stages 24B, 81 and 82A.  Stage 24B is complete and is underway with achieving On-Maintenance this week, with Stage 81 and 82A close behind.


It is worth noting that on stages 81, 82A and 3500, Vitabond was used extensively to achieve site stabilisation and was a very effective solution, especially on lots with several retaining walls or with difficult access, where it was able to be pumped in without hassle. Additionally, concrete works and electrical services are still progressing at a heated pace and if the weather is kind, all stages will be complete by the end of June, which will be worth celebrating and would not have been achievable without the hard work and dedication from everyone involved at Peregian Springs.




Photo: Coolum Ridges