Cameron Hall

CEO & Director

Ambitious and driven, Cameron relishes the challenge of proving Hall Contracting’s capability on a world stage, competing against the largest firms in the industry.

Cameron Hall
  • Credentials

    MBA Exec, AGSM 2009
    (Australian Graduate School of Management)
    BE(Civil) Hons 1996 University of Qld

  • Highlights

    • Achieved substantial growth in Urban Development in Queensland with long term relationships with clients, including Stockland Development Pty Ltd, Pelican Waters, Aveo Pty Ltd, Trask Development Corporation
    • Expanded Halls mine rehabilitation and tailings dredging capability off the back of the work done at ERA Ranger Uranium mine and FMG’s iron ore port and facilities in Port Hedland.
    • Expanded Halls into the Pacific Islands, setting up a base in Fiji. Works have been carried out in Fiji, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Tokelau and PNG.
    • Expanded into South East Asia where we have set up an office in Malaysia and undertaken several projects in Malaysia and Indonesia.
    • Implemented Federal Safety Accreditation for Hall Civil Contracting Pty Ltd.

Ever since he could remember, Cameron wanted to become a civil engineer and join the family business. Now Hall Contracting’s CEO, Managing Director and shareholder, Cameron’s driver is ensuring success for his team and his clients. 

He is determined that his staff deliver on their promises – never failing to deliver. They must keep an eye open for new and innovative opportunities and new market sectors. He also believes that Hall must be nimble enough to change direction to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Cameron is also dedicated to cost control and quality whilst caring for the environment.

Having worked in a variety of businesses in the industry, in Australia and around the world, Cameron is passionate about making people’s lives better. He is proud of Hall Contracting’s achievements in building award-winning residential estates. He is proud of the difference his team are making in improving facilities in the Pacific Islands. He is proud of the work they are doing to rehabilitate the Ranger Uranium Mine.

Cameron enjoys working with loyal, authentic and progressive people. Many of the team at Hall Contracting have longstanding relationships with the company, and it is not unusual to have multiple generations from the same extended family working across the firm. 

He firmly believes that businesses need to attract the best people, and they need to create a place where the best people want to work.


Mark McCurdy

Mark McCurdy

General Manager — Dredging

Daniel Grey

Daniel Grey

General Manager — Marine Infrastructure

Daniel Rowlingson

Daniel Rowlingson

Chief Financial Officer